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Disco is Dead! is a buddy cop comedy horror co-op arcade game that plays with slappable zombie head and disco ball controllers. Grab a friend and play as Reggie and Kenny -- two disco-loving cops who must save their city from a zombie apocalypse… by slapping!

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Install instructions

Hello fellow players,

The full Disco is Dead! experience is made for the custom slappable zombie head and disco ball controllers, however Disco is Dead! can still be enjoyed with a keyboard.



Reggie Controls:

A - Slap Left

S - Slap Down

D - Slap Right

Kenny Controls:

Left Arrow - Slap Left

Down Arrow - Slap Down

Right Arrow - Slap Right

Buddy Mode Activate - Space Bar


We hope you enjoy Disco is Dead! as much as we enjoyed making it.

Stay groovy,

Third Floor Games


Disco_is_Dead.zip (441 MB)


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Funky game! Neat idea and great artwork.